How Do You Secure a Quick Cash Close When Selling As-Is Real Estate?

Blue Clover Specializes in Selling Kansas City Real Estate on a Tight Turnaround

When people think about the Kansas City real estate market and the selling process, “quick” is typically not a word used to describe it. Homeowners who have sold a home before know it’s never as easy as sticking a “for sale” sign in your lawn and waiting for qualified buyers to line up.

In most cases, homeowners enlist the services of a real estate agent or real estate consultant near them. Once they’re involved, homeowners are responsible for a laundry list of administrative tasks and addressing any issues that may turn off buyers, sound as foundation problems, deep cleaning, or rooms in dire need of updating.

Meanwhile, the Kansas City real estate agent arranges showings, which means the home must remain tidy for public viewing. For families who have children, pets, careers, or busy schedules, making time for tours and the constant cleaning can almost feel like a second job. Additionally, the traditional mortgage closing process usually takes somewhere between 30 to 45 days.

Selling real estate is usually a marathon – not a sprint – which is why it’s important for homeowners to explore their options. In this blog, we’ll explore how Blue Clover Investments secures quick cash closes for homeowners who wish to sell their Kansas City real estate in as-is condition.

Cash Close vs. Traditional Mortgage

When most people purchase real estate, they secure a mortgage through a bank or credit union. This means they’ll incur closing costs and pay interest on their loan. Additionally, if the loan-to-value ratio is too high, the bank may charge private mortgage insurance (PMI). Mortgage payments can increase significantly after all the fees and miscellaneous charges are factored in.

By comparison, a cash close means the buyer is purchasing the home without the assistance of a bank or lending institution. Using this method, buyers dodge interest and most of the fees associated with a traditional loan. Another advantage is that cash closes are exceptionally quick because there’s no loan approval or appraisal process to go through.

So, why doesn’t everyone in the real estate game do it this way? Mainly, because cash buyers are harder to come by. Cash buyers are out there; the challenge is finding a real estate agent or industry professional who’s skilled in attracting them.

Working With Blue Clover Investments to Secure a Quick Cash Close

Full transparency: the local real estate consultant near you may not be skilled in securing cash close offers. It’s a unique niche that few specialize in. Fortunately, our team at Blue Clover Investments possesses the resources and industry knowledge to find cash buyers who want your home in as-is condition.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact us and provide a little information about your Kansas City real estate property.
  2. We will discuss your goals and ideal timeline for selling your real estate.
  3. Using the information you’ve provided, we will present you with multiple options for selling your home, including quickly selling your home for cash.

In addition to having options for selling, there are some other notable advantages to working with Blue Clover Investments. Most notably, we offer concierge-level service, which means we take care of everything so that your day-to-day routine isn’t interrupted. What people love about working with Blue Clover is that we:

  • Don’t require the involvement of real estate agents.
  • Can sell any home in as-is condition.
  • Are capable of closing deals most industry professionals can’t.
  • Provide transparency to the process.
  • Enable sellers to quickly access their funds.
  • Go out of our way to ensure you’re satisfied.

Blue Clover is also skilled in working with real estate in non-traditional circumstances. For example, we can handle real estate that’s in foreclosure, tied to a divorce decree, or in probate. You can think of us as professional problem solvers who specialize in Kansas City real estate.

Ready to Sell Your Kansas City Real Estate? Contact Our Real Estate Investment Firm Today!

If you’ve had bad luck working with agents or the local real estate consultant near you, Blue Clover Investments offers a fresh perspective on home sales in a dynamic market. We pride ourselves on taking a customer-centric approach and removing the common pain points that make real estate sales a chore.

If you’re ready to see the Blue Clover difference, the best first step is to get in touch with us for a free consultation. Call (816) 237-5959 to speak with a member of our team. After getting a little bit of information about the home and your goals, we will provide you with options for selling, including the quick cash close option.

You can also send us any questions you may have about residential or commercial real estate using our contact form. A member of the Blue Clover team will get back with you ASAP.