Comparing Blue Clover to National Cash Offer Real Estate Companies

Ready to Sell Sans Real Estate Agent? It’s Time to Get Familiar with Your Options

What’s the first step to selling a home?

You hire a real estate agent, right? Since circa 1900, the traditional model of selling residential real estate is to enlist the services of these professionals. For a percentage of the home’s sale price, they will guide homeowners through the process, conduct showings and marketing, negotiate on your behalf with prospective buyers, and handle all the complicated paperwork.

Real estate agents have been an established fixture in the industry for over a century, which is why some sellers are surprised to find out they have other options. Kansas City real estate is unique in that not all homes fit the cookie-cutter listing model. Some sellers don’t have the time or inclination to jump through all the hoops the traditional model is known for.

For example, some folks don’t have the funds to invest in a bunch of repairs. Or perhaps the idea of maintaining a spotless home for the sake of showings isn’t realistic with a busy schedule. There are also homeowners who find themselves in non-traditional circumstances, such as needing to sell their home as soon as possible because they’re moving out of state for a better job opportunity or trying to avoid foreclosure.

So, what do you do if you fall into the non-traditional camp of sellers?

It’s entirely possible to sell your home without a real estate agent. You just need to know where to look. In this blog, we’ll examine cash offer real estate companies, their business model, and how they compare to Blue Clover Investments.

Let’s Talk About the Cash-for-House Model

Turn your TV to one of the local stations, and we can pretty much guarantee you’ll see a commercial for a real estate company that promises to get you a quick cash offer on your home. The idea is that homeowners can circumvent the long and exhausting selling process by going the non-traditional route. For example, OfferPad highlights the following benefits of working with them:

  • No showings
  • Homeowners pick their own closing date
  • Free local move included
  • Cash offer provided within 24 hours

As a seller, you have the option to accept their cash offer or move forward with listing the property. Just know that the cash offer will be far below the home’s market value. Some online real estate publications estimate the cash offers may be as low as 70% fair market value. It’s also worth noting that OfferPad also won’t work with homes that:

  • Were built before 1950
  • Sit on a lot that’s an acre or larger
  • Are valued at $1 million or more
  • Have significant issues

These caveats mean that OfferPad doesn’t buy homes in as-is condition. In fact, homeowners are required to have their home inspected within 15 days of signing their purchase agreement. According to OfferPad’s verbiage, if the inspectors identify items that require repairs, the homeowner may either sign an addendum that provides a credit or make the repairs before closing using a licensed contractor. If the homeowner refuses these options, OfferPad can cancel the contract and the deal is over.

Finally, OfferPad includes fees in their contracts homeowners should be aware of. Based upon the offer price, closing costs are 1 to 3% with a services fee of 5%. There’s also a 1% cancellation fee if the deal falls through.

How Does Blue Clover Compare to Cash-for-House Companies?

Let’s dig into the Blue Clover difference. First, we do buy houses in as-in condition for cash, and we don’t have any caveats pertaining to the age of the home or what size of lot it sits on. We also don’t require homeowners to have their real estate inspected or address critical repair issues. When we say we can work with any type of home, we truly mean it.

You also won’t have to worry about finding an agent or real estate consultant near you. Blue Clover is a one-stop shop that handles all your real estate needs.

We provide homeowners with options for selling their homes. The homeowner’s goals determine our method of selling the home and how much value we try to extract. This gives you a little more flexibility in how the sale is conducted. Plus, you don’t need to worry about closing costs or cancellation fees when you work with Blue Clover.

Finally, we’re the most customer service-oriented real estate company in Kansas City. We take the time to understand our clients and their goals, and if challenges arise, our problem-solvers find a solution. Cash-for-house companies want you to sell your home for as little as possible. Blue Clover wants you to sell it on your terms so that all parties walk away satisfied.

This personalized approach to Kansas City real estate is how we’ve established a reputation of being exceptionally easy to work with while securing deals that meet the goals and expectations of our clients. We’re transparent about our business practices, which means homeowners avoid hidden fees and tricky legal verbiage that may complicate the transaction. Blue Clover makes selling your home simple and hassle-free.

Ready to Sell Your Real Estate? Let’s Talk!

Cash-for-house companies provide a niche service in the residential real estate landscape, offering a swift and straightforward alternative for sellers. However, it’s crucial for homeowners to carefully consider the trade-offs, balancing the advantages of speed and convenience against the potential financial sacrifice. Remember, when evaluating companies to work with, be sure to ask:

  • What are the fees?
  • Am I obligated to address repairs?
  • If the deal falls through, am I liable for any penalties?

As with any real estate transaction, thorough research and evaluation are essential to make an informed decision that aligns with your unique circumstances and goals. At Blue Clover Investments, we use a client-centric approach to selling real estate. Your goals are our goals. And we never shy away from a challenge.

To learn more about your options for selling your Kansas City real estate, call us at (816) 237-5959. You can also reach us via email by using our contact form.