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Ready to Rock
You’re looking for a fast cash close on a tight turnaround.
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Concierge Selling Experience
You want to get more value out of the home while avoiding all the headaches and hardships of working with an agent.
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5-Star Referral Program
If our options don’t fit your needs, we are happy to refer you to a rockstar agent who can take care of you.

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Common FAQs about Residential Real Estate Deals

As a born-and-raised KC native, Connor has his fingers directly on the pulse of the KC real estate market. This makes him uniquely equipped to provide valuations, find accurate comps, and list your home for a price that will attract serious buyers.

We do it all. Single family, multifamily, duplex, and 4-plex. We even do land and lots.

Speed is our specialty. We’re one of the few residential real estate firms that can offer expedited closings.

Finding cash buyers is right in our wheelhouse. We’ll stake our reputation on the fact that we do this better than any other firm in the area.

Call (816) 237-5959 to talk to a Kansas City residential real estate professional. Or, you can send an email using our contact form.

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